Diesel Generators

Single Phase

Diesel Generators

Single Phase

GOVERNING A sensible mechnanical centrifugal type governer mounted on the camshaft gear. Speed variation is controlledwithin limits to comply with class B1 governing as per IS:10001 (GENERAL PURPOSE). COOLING Engine is continuously cooled by flow of water. Either by Radiator mounted on engine or direct water supply. Front radiator mounted engines also available. STARTING The engine is designed for starting by hand. Electric Start Provision can also be provided against specific reauirement. Dynamo battery chargers also available POLLUTION CONTROL DEVICE Single Element Catalytic Converter for control of NOx, CO, THC & HAPs.

SOUND & VIBRATION CONTROL DEVICE We offer Canopy, Industrial type Air cleaner & Silencer, Round Duct Expansion Joints, Anti Vibration Mounts etc. ENGINE SAFTY DEVICE (OPTIONAL) Engine controller with Manual Start/ Stop, Automatic shut down for fault, Keyswitch operation, 16A contacts for start/stop, Electronic warning lamp. ENGINE SAFTY DEVICE CONTROLLER (OPTIONAL) Display of Battery Voltage, Oil Pressure, Temperature, Engine RPM & Running Hrs. , 14 Programmable parameters, Electronic alternator excitation circuit, 5 Digital & 4 Analog inputs, 3 relay outputs for start, Stop and one is programmable, Engine run hours counter, Automatic & manual operation mode, Remote Start & stop function. Sound Proofing canopy can also supplied

Diesel Generators


Voltage 230/415 V

These are used in various fields as emergency power supplies, autonomous power supplies or for industrial uses. All of our generating sets are designed to comply with the current regulations to ensure that the operators have the security of a high level of quality. The predominant factors during development is security of operation, which allows our customers to operate in absolute safety. The components that are used for the construction of our machines are the result of precise selection of our suppliers, which gives us high standards of quality at low costs of production. First class materials and superior quality finishing are reliability characterize our products. They respective range of power and are chosen on the basis of their innovative specifications by many important users in industry, agriculture, building and hire.

EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY For use during an interruption of the mains power supply, where the absence of electricity would cause serious problems. MAIN USERS Hospitals, places of public performance, where the environment is at risk, private house hold and industry. These are characterized by high performance, low fuel consumption and low maintenance. Engines are Petter Type, Water or Air Cooled, Single/Double/Three Cylinder and superior quality. Our engines are ISI Marked which is the highest quality mark in India and it is also equivalent to British standards. Latest generation air or water cooled, 1500rpm,electric or handle start, long durability and high reliability.


AIR COOLED Air cooled are of two types. FAN TYPE The fan is mounted on the flywheel side. Air circulates through cowling towards the cylinder and cylinder head. BLOWER TYPE A blower mounted towards the gear cover is driven by V-belt and powered by the CAM Gear for forced cooling of the cylinder block and head. WATER COOLED Radiator Type.


MANUAL START Handle is used to crank the engine. ELECTRIC START 12 Volt Battery operated starting system. AMF Auto Mains Failure. The Genset starts within 7 – 10 seconds on the mains failure and Genset stops automatically within 7 seconds of the resumption of main power.


We use self-exciting, self regulating, alternating current with superior capacity for peak during the starting of electric motors and constructed according to the ISI Standards. The great versatility of these alternators make it possible to built versions with different voltages and frequencies. Mechanical construction is with frames in steel. Cooling is by aluminum FAN shrunk on the shaft, rotor has steel laminations with damping cage, insulation type H , impregnation with epoxy varnish, tropicalised. PRIVATE ARMATURE Core of high quality silicon Steel Stampings for minimum energy losses. Core is rigidly keyed to a sturdy shaft and clamped with heavy end-rings. PRIVATE WINDING AND INSULATION Both D.C. and A.C. Windings are made of highly conductive super- synthetics enameled copper wire manufactured by top leading Companies in India. With highly varnished and dried field coils and armature windings is of class E insulation. PRIVATE VARNISHING AND BAKING All windings are properly varnished in vacuum impregnation machine, backed for suitable time and at fixed temperature in special designed Oven. PRIVATE DYNAMIC BALANCING all fittings Rotor is dynamically balanced in a semi computerized dynamic balancing machine.





Panel “Standard” Voltmeter, Ammeter, Changeover Switches, Selector switches, HRC switches ,MCB ,Charger

Panel “Super” AMF, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Changeover Switches, Selector switches, HRC switches ,MCB ,Time Totalizer, Lub. Oil Pressure Gauge, Water Temp. Gauge ,Charger.