Texmo dewatering pump supplier in Bangalore


Waste Water Solutions

Product Description

Driven by dry type submersible motors, “AQUATEX” dewatering pumps are virtual workhorses that can take on the toughest chores. Ideal for draining flooded basements and storm water drains as well as other high discharge applications.The system consists of high quality pressure tank, pressure switch and other accessories. Looking for the best Texmo submersible pumps dealers Bangalore? Look no fur & contact us today.

Product Data



Head range

upto 25m

Delivery size

50 mm to 75 mm


0.5 HP to 3.0 HP, 1Phase, 220 V, 50Hz
1.0 HP to 3.0 HP, 3Phase, 380 V, 50Hz


2850 rpm

Liquid Temperature

upto 35°C

Solid handling

sizes 8 mm to 10 mm


Pumping waste water in Residential apartments, Multistorey buildings

Pumping waste water in Hotels, restaurants and hospitals

Waste water without solids

Sump drainage

Waste water treatment plants

Flood water pumping


Dry type submersible induction motor

Class “F” insulation

Shaft and fasteners are in stainless steel to enhance life

Impeller and casing are coated with chemical resistance coating to improve life and performance

Cable connectors filled with resin prevents water leakage into the motor through the cable wire

Dual mechanical seal prevents water entry into the dry motor portion at two interfaces, one at pump portion to oil chamber and another at oil chamber to dry motor portion

Open type impeller prevents clogging of small solids and allows sand and silt to pass through.

Solid handling size up-to 10 mm

Built-in miniature thermal overload protector prevents coil from burning out due to improper line voltage, impeller jam and high temperature etc.